About Me

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a craft lover, especially yarn and paper crafts. This website is my place to show the world about my creations. Not only do I like to make things out of yarn and paper, I also like to teach, so this place is where I get to do that.

When I’m not playing around with yarn or paper, I like to go exploring. There are two reasons why I go to places. One, I like to take pictures of beautiful landscapes. I’m not taking the pictures so I can be a famous landscape photographers or anything like that. I do it because I enjoy looking at the pictures and travel to that place again in my mind. The second reason is people. People make things happen. They communicate, eat together, laugh together. As much as I can take pictures of what is happening, there is no substituting being present in the moment with … well… people.

Although I have been doing paper crafts since kindergarten (maybe), I spend most of my time crocheting. Either way, I love sharing both. Enjoy looking around my website.

A picture of me in front of my ever-changing yarn stash.