Gratitude Attitude

Lately, the books I’ve been reading spawned a lot of thoughts on gratefulness. The topic of the book was not about gratitude, but they were about struggles. Somehow, they all found their way out of the darkness of their lives by expressing gratitude. It was a new way of thinking that gratitude had to exist during the struggles and not just after all the darkness faded away.

In both books Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Letters to My Daughters by Maya Angelou, they talked about how the practice of gratitude helped them come out of their dark hole in life. Brene Brown also mentioned this in her talk of Power of Vulnerabilities. Maybe this research wasn’t pinned down to a science yet, but what are the chances that I ran into the same reoccurring themes through different books? Probably high, but in any case, I kept the theme in my mind.
Unfortunately, I got to try out this technique multiple times this week. On my way home one day, I wasn’t feeling well. My brain was ringing and my heart was aching. There were plenty of reasons why I should just give up and start over somewhere. Then this idea of gratitude popped in my head. Since I was driving, I wasn’t able to writace down my list; however, I started saying them aloud to myself.
“I’m thankful that I have a car to drive (even though the traffic sucks). I’m thankful that I can see cars and have an able body to drive (even though the traffic sucks). I’m thankful that I could listen to my audiobook while driving in this heavy traffic. I’m thankful that my car has a working air conditioner and a heater. I’m thankful that I will get to see my family soon. I’m thankful that I have the mind to be creative.”
Eventually, all negative thoughts subsided. I used the strategy of being thankful somehow that I was experiencing something that was unpleasant: the traffic in a big city. When I got home that day, I was able to ponder about this as I was crocheting in my living room. I was thankful that I had a couch to sit down on and that I knew how to crochet. I was especially thankful that I had a roof and a living room to feel safe.
I’m thankful that I now know how to get away from my dark holes in life, and I’m thankful that I’m able to share this thoughts with you, dear readers. My hope is that you can also find your peace by being thankful and that your dark holes in life come rare and far between.
Crochet strong, crochet happy,

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