Crochet: Bulky Granny Square Shrug

Recovering from the Best Little Yarn Crawl in Texas, I grabbed one of my stashed yarn to attempt reducing my stash after acquiring more. This time, I didn’t use a pattern. I grabbed whatever yarn looked cozy and stuffed them into my bag along with my crochet hook set, scissors, and finishing needles.

Eventually, this shrug idea surfaced. All it required was be some bulky yarn. I wanted a project that was quick and easy, and I wanted to be able to wear it when the husband and I go for a movie date.

I took two balls of the Homespun yarn by Lion Brand in Black color, and my 7.00mm crochet hook. The technique was quiet basic: a giant granny square. I made the entire square then stitch up the arm hole by folding down the top of the square down to the middle of the square.

This project was simple and I was able to watch a movie at home while crocheting it. Yep that meant crocheting without looking. What movie was I watching? Star Wars Droid Tales. The instant warmth that this shrug brought me made me glad that I made it on time for the cold front here in Texas.




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