Back to Crocheting

TLTR: I had too much yarn and this was the challenge I set for myself: make things from now till the end of the year and see how much I could reduce my yarn stash.

Earlier this year, my husband and I moved to Texas. I had watched plenty of movies set in Texas and heard so much about this state. Through pop culture I learned that Texas was the Lone Star state and that it was big. So big that some people use it as a unit of measure. Then there was the heat. What was I thinking bringing all of my leftover yarn stash with me?

Life in general had been quiet a ride the last few weeks… months… or maybe years… We swapped homes twice and moved plenty of times. I tried to get rid of so much of my stash yet as if playing Whac-a-Mole, another skein of yarn would pop up.

Once we got to Texas, my appetite for yarn-related craft was replaced by my appetite to explore real food and the outside world. I did that. Luckily, we didn’t move to the stereotypical desert part of Texas. Through the air was hot and dry, there were plenty of trees for shades. And my crochet hooks were cozy in their storage case. For a while I thought I’d never touch a piece of yarn again. I made an attempt here and there to crochet up some kind of thing, but what was I going to back? The most wanted possession was a giant fan rather than a cozy sweater.

Then came the rain. With all its cool air, I checked the temperature sensor and was surprised to see that it was below 70°F. Good enough for me! More over, I had planned to go to a local yarn crawl… just to check out the local yarn stores.

Within a few days, I winded up some yarn and crocheted up several hats. I even got a bruce for hitting the yarn winder with my thigh by accident. The first weekend that I spent yarn crawling in the heart of Texas brought me back to the magic of turning strings into things.

Because of the spark of the new rediscovered magic, I wanted to challenge myself to stash down as much yarn as possible. I wouldn’t know how long this cold front was going to last. All I knew was I had to start crocheting and do it quickly… because Winter is coming.

Yarn Haul by SheepUpCrafts from Best Little Yarn Crawl in Texas in 2017



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  1. Theresa says:

    I’m glad you’re back to crocheting. Sorry you got a bruise from the winder. You must have whacked it good.


    1. I did whacked it pretty hard. It took about two weeks to heal up. 😀


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