Amigurumi Love

This weekend, I get to live one of the most memorable days of my life. I get to marry my best friend. This is the guy who watched me grow exponentially in life. He got to see me during the worst of my time, and he got to witness some of my happier moments. I’m sharing this with you, my blog readers, because this guy was there when I picked up my first set of hooks. This post is about the story of my beginning and about the development of my love toward yarn, with a little bit of sweetness in between.


It was the end of October 2011, one of our friends’ birthday was coming up. I was in a baking mood because Jason, my boyfriend (spoiler alert, this is the guy I’ll end up marrying), bought me a whole cookbook on cheesecake. I decided to go shopping and make a nice pumpkin cheesecake for our friend’s birthday. We obviously got sidetrack because we ended up in the craft section.


I looked through all the yarn. They didn’t draw me as much back then. I was more drawn to the set of hooks. I thought it might be time for me to try out another hobby. Then, the ultimate question came up: should I choose a set of hooks or a pair of needles? I don’t remember any of my family knitting, but I remember how one of my aunts crocheted a whole wardrobe for my cousin. Jason also said that one of his grandmother (or an aunt) crocheted a long time ago. Easy choice, then. I picked up the set of hooks by Boye and a few color yarn by Peaches and Crème. That was the beginning.


The first thing I crocheted was a coaster. A trapezoid coaster, to be exact. Then, I crocheted an afghan for Jason in a week. I have no idea how I crocheted so quickly over my Thanksgiving break to finish the blanket for his Christmas present. After I tackled that big project, I wanted to learn more techniques. Crochet offers so many different avenues of creativity, and my favorite is the amigurumi road. It is something that I was determined to learn. Like any other topic, it is hard to get started, but with practice, it will get better.


I found the book Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden at the library and got started on making the robot pattern. That didn’t turn out so well. Then I tried a smaller project, and it turned out to look pretty much like a voodoo doll. I rested my hooks from making tight stitches for a while. I made lots of different projects, such as scarfs, hats, shoes, etc. instead.

Robot (left), Unintentional Scream Monster (right)

Pass forward about 2 years, I decided to try my hands at crocheting amigurumi again. And, wow, what a difference practice made. I have been crocheting other things and sharpening up my skill. Check out this Mike the Monster plushie that I made. Thanks to Mikey from the Crochet Crowd, I was able to submerge in a crochet community and made this cute monster. Because the challenge was a mystery, I picked the color blue to make the monster in.

Mike after being sneezed on by his best friend ;0

Pass forward some more years, I also looked for a lot of different patterns. I have developed a liking in certain types of pattern. I looked for some new ones to try with no luck. Not until I found the bunny pattern in Crochet One-Skein Wonders. I thought this design was very simple and cute. I made several more like it. I modified the tails to be made out of pompoms instead of crocheted pieces.


That was last year. I also made this triceratops that I designed myself and entered it to the state fair. It won 2nd place!


Being able to pick up crocheting has made me so happy. I learned so much throughout the years. Not only did I learn different skills in crocheting, I learned life lessons. I’m one of those people who reads way too much between the lines, in this case, the stitches. I learned that love is like learning how to make amigurumi. It takes a while to get it right. Even with the same pattern, it takes a while to do it right. Falling in love and dreaming up the goal is the easy part. Staying in love takes a lot of time and practice, and most of all, will power. I feel lucky and proud that I get to start they cliché “rest of my life” this weekend with my very best friend. Let this be a nice happy thought for you, fellow readers. I hope you find happiness in love and in crafting, whoever they may be and whatever it may be. I sure did, and I’m happy to be able to share my stories with you.


How did you learn how to crochet? Did you learn from someone in your family or a friend? When you pick up crocheting the first time, did you stick with it? Tell me about your story by commenting below, on Facebook, or Instagram. Use the tag #sheepupcrafts with your latest crochet projects.


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