Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Bahrbara

Did you survive the time change this past Sunday. Here in the United States, daylight saving time began Sunday. I think it’s due to the farming schedule of some sort. I never really looked into it that much. All I know is that I lost an hour of sleep trying to “spring forward.”

Talking about Spring, I have been working on some cute, and I mean CUTE, crochet items to welcome the Spring of 2016. My favorite things about this season is that it brings lots of colors all over the place. The flowers start to bloom and the sky is much more blue. When it rains, it ends with a rainbow and not a gloomy, ominous dark sky. So with that, here’s the first Spring item I worked on.


A Saint Patrick’s hat for the new mascot. Introducing…. Bahrbara St. Cloud.


Bahrbara St. Cloud loves the spring time. She loves eating the fresh grass and sleeping on the fragrant flowers while listening to her favorite song of all time, “Barbara Ann.” At night, she likes to mingle with friends while playing Just Dance to her other favorite song, “Barbara Strison.” Her favorite colors are blaack and whaaite because she’s actually color blind. Unlike her other friends, she wants to be able to see new colors because she believes colors make the world go round just as well as fat-bottomed girls. Although most of her friends are in love with wooly boys, she doesn’t let them pull the wool over her eyes. She fell for the plant lover cotton-eyed Joe instead. He’s not the only other lamb in her heart, though. Bahrbara enjoys meeting new friends so much that when they leave, she doesn’t say goodbye. She sings out “Baah Baah Baah” instead.


This cute hat is special because of the shape. I played with back loop and front loop only stitches when making the corner. As far as the colors, I used leprechaun green, golden yellow, and lucky black, of course.




Enjoy looking at some of the pictures I took while Bahrbara was rocking this hat. After I took the pictures, I sent off the hat to her cousin.


What are you making this St. Patrick’s day? Share with me by commenting below, Facebook: SheepUpCrafts, or tag me on Instagram: SheepUpCraft with #makersmonday


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