January was Productive

My January was very productive. The thing that I am most excited about is my new connection group. In my post earlier this year, I talked about the five things that will make a happier 2016. Like any other thing posted on the internet, that was purely my opinion that was formed with my own experience. That is why, I am living by it this year to make sure the advice is sound.

The first thing I did was clean up my closets… all of my closets and storage areas in general. I piled up a lot of clothes, toys, crafting supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. The three-pile strategy worked for me. I had things in the “keep”, “donate”, and “trash” piles. After doing this, it is now easier for me to find stuff and it feels a little lighter without all the old or unused things weighing me down.

Listening to my body is hard for me to do. I can listen to my mind all day everyday, but when it comes to my body, it is hard for me to listen to it. I have not been so good as far as doing anything extra this month to become physically healthier. However, that is not going to stop me from starting. This is no longer counting calories, counting steps, counting miles, or counting anything else. This is about me finding a routine from the moment I wake up to the moment I lie to rest.

I get a little obsessive when it comes to documentation. Then I remember my mantra throughout this process, “progress, then perfection.” But what if I forget something? I can always go back and edit things or clarify things or add things. I have listened and read so many advice when it comes to starting a podcast or a blog. In the end, they all say the same advice, “start, because nothing beats experience.” I get that now. It doesn’t matter how good the plan is on paper, unless it is a book, it has not come to life yet. So now, I write more. Some of them doesn’t turn into a blog post or a podcast, but some of them does. Some is better than none.

Finding a hobby is the easiest step on the list for me. I have always been crafty and productive with my time. I am in the process of starting up another group on top of the 3 groups that I already started. I want something purely for pleasure. Something that makes me feel like I waste my time, but not. Let me explain. The first group that I started was a local crafty group, where a bunch of ladies get together once a week to do crafty things. Sure, we eat and drink wine in between stitches and cutting materials, but we make stuff with our hands. It feels productive. The second group is an online book club. Let’s just say that when you read a book, there is nothing unproductive about it. The third group that I kicked off this year is a trading group. Once again, each member for the group gets to make stuff; hence, it’s a productive group. Now, I want to challenge myself. How do I do something that doesn’t yield any visible physical output, then justify that it was a productive group? If you already know the answer, I want to know. Otherwise, I have the rest of the year to spend.

Last thing, progress first, then perfection. Foundation, then decoration. Cake, then icing. You get the idea, right? Throughout the whole process, I kept in mind “progress over perfection.” Just get started. It’s already one month into 2016, so what, start now. I went out to the world, did, and will continue doing. As a part of that, I will now do my wonder woman pose.

How did you do this month? Did you find one goal was more challenging than expected? Or maybe easier than expected?


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