Barcelona Cape

Living in South Carolina means Winter comes and goes unpredictably. The only thing predictable about the weather is, well, it’s unpredictable. In late October, while everyone in the north part of the U.S. is enjoying warm soup and light, long sleeves sweater, people here in South Carolina are still wearing shorts. Late December when everyone is wearing comfy beanies and mittens, people here are wearing light coats. By January, everyone is bundled up to go outside, and so is everyone here. Winter comes suddenly and may also leaves suddenly.

Even though I have a home to shelter me from the weather, my crafting mood somewhat depends on the weather of the day. When it is so hot outside, I tend not to work on crocheting a blanket. In the summer, I tend to work on paper crafts, such as scrapbooking or card making. If I get the crochet love bug, I usually make a hat or anything that does not cover me in bulky fabric while all I can think of is eating ice cream.

This past week, Winter decided to say “Hello!” with a bang, too. I heard places in the north are getting snow. I want snow. I really do love snow. I know snow can be dangerous, and it can prevent people from doing things outdoors. Even with that knowledge, I still love snow and the cold. Because of my love for it, I was inspired to make this piece.

My Barcelona Cape is a bulky winter cap to wear during the chill season. Working with this yarn was such a pleasure because it was so soft. The yarn is an alpaca and acrylic mixture. The drape on this cape is so pretty when worn. I may make more of this for my family and friends. The pattern was simple but classic. Scroll below to find the free pattern. I hope you enjoy snow as much as I do.


Barcelona Cape

The following pattern will result in 16″ height and 48″ length (circumference).

1) 10 mm crochet hook
2) Super Bulky (6) yarn – 300 yards


Row 1: ch 30, turn.

Row 2: ch 3 (count as dc), dc 29, turn.

Repeat row 2 until length is 48″. Finish off and weave in ends.


As always, crochet strong, crochet happy!

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© by Stephanie from SheepUp Crafts. This pattern is for personal use only. YOu may use the pattern to make unlimited number of items for yourself, for charity, or for gifts. If you sell items made from this pattern, please have SheepUp Crafts name somewhere on your item or item’s tag. Do not distribute or sell this pattern. If you want to share the pattern, please share the link below:


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