5 Things That Will Make You Happier in 2016

5 Things That will make you happier in 2016


1) Purge

Getting rid of stuff is hard. Why? Because stuff contains memories. To make it easier, think of it this way: if it has been in the same place for the last year or so, then it is safe to assume that you probably will not use it. I’m not talking about important papers, of course. I’m talking about the dress you bought but never wore because there hasn’t been a good enough occasion for it. You know that seemingly useful tool that has been sitting in the drawer for ages, collecting dust and rust, but not because you’ve been using it a lot? Yes, get rid of it. There are two reasons why this will make you feel good. First, having old stuff you never wear/use makes you sad when you look at it. Think about it as the buyer’s remorse or that missed opportunity you remember by looking at it. The second reason, you need to make room for new stuff. If you expect to grow, then expect your taste to change. This means you will like different things and want different things. Where can the new things go if you have no room for it?


2) Listen to Your Body and Mind

There are times when it is easier to sit in front of the TV or computer for hours on end rather than to do tasks like washing the dishes. Overtime, habits train the brain to think “I will do it later.” After a while, the brain begins to say the same thing to other chores and other activities. Instead, listen to what your body is telling you. It will tell you when it’s time to start walking and to rest. You can start slow, but it’s important to start. I get my motivation by doing things with other people. Personally, I like doing yoga and group exercises. Also, listen to your mind. There is something in your head that tells you it is bed time. Sure you can stay up till 3 AM, but will you be able to be fully functional the next day? Remember that your body and mind is required to achieve and accomplish your goals. So, listen when it is time to rest, shower, and eat. Listen to you.


3) Document Moments

Take pictures or write about your favorite moments. Use social media, a blog, or a personal journal to record those moments. And, at least once a month, go through them and remember those moments. Enjoy them again to remind yourself that you are valued and happy. I like using Facebook to share with family and friends as far as pictures and one-sentence moments. Also for pictures, I like using Flickr. Their service includes 1 TB online storage. I also like journaling on the good ole paper notebooks.


4) Find a Hobby

Going through everyday life can get mundane and boring, especially if your job requires a lot of redundant tasks. Finding a hobby allows you to explore a realm of possibilities and creativity. A hobby does not have to be similar or different than your career, but it does have to be something that does not pay. This is a hobby; it’s supposed to be something that you do for, well, the sheer pleasure of it. Here are some ideas: painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, journaling, writing, coloring, wood burning, cross stitching, photography, sewing, and jewelry making.


5) Do It Now

As a list maker, I know the feeling of planning about planning and making a list of lists that I need to make. After a while, the part about me actually doing what I want is so far embedded within a list that I never accomplished it. What needs to happen is for me to start doing things now. Looking back on the four things above, I know that they can contribute to your happiness because they play a great role in my own. Getting started can be as easy as cleaning out one drawer, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking pictures of your family, or looking up art classes in your area. It can also be more than that. This is your decision after all. This year is what you make it. Start doing. Start now.

Disclaimer: This whole website is based on my opinions. Please consult with your doctor/physician before doing anything extraneous physically or mentally.


*The blog picture is from the first time I enjoyed a day on the beach. I was not much of a beach person before that day. Notice the tiny puppy footsteps. šŸ˜‰



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