3 Important Sections in an Agenda

To begin the new year, I look forward to starting a new agenda. I like having an agenda with me. Let me say that better, I like having a paper agenda with me. I have tried and tried to use a digital agenda with no luck. Although, Google Calendar is a nice addition to the paper agenda because it can send me alerts in a form of an email, a text message, or a pop up window on my computer. So at the end of every year, I look for a new agenda. I look for an agenda that has the following:

1. A calendar – monthly and weekly

Some agenda comes with a calendar that is broken down into a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. For me, a year is a nice overview but I hardly use it. A daily agenda is not for me either. My life is busy with excitements, but they are not all time-constrained on a daily basis, where I would need a whole page for each day. That leaves me to weekly and monthly. The weekly part is nice so I can quickly write down to do list for each day of the week while the monthly page allows me to plan things that take longer than a day.

2. Activities Section

There is a section on the back of an agenda that includes the map of the world and area codes of the United States. Although these things are nice, I tend to look those things up using my smartphone. Instead, I would rather have a Sudoku puzzle or one of those trendy coloring pages. It’s rare that an agenda has a section that includes those, though. The purpose of this section can be informative but also entertaining in case your phone ran out of battery.

3. Notes Section

I like this section a lot. Most of the times, I use it to create lists: grocery list, to do list, etc. I also use this section a lot to take notes during conferences and events. If the agenda I get doesn’t have a nice activity section, I use the note section to doodle or to entertain myself by writing thoughts into pages.

Those three are the sections I look for when purchasing an agenda. However, this year, I decided to make my own. I grabbed some supplies from Target and Joann to make my 2016 agenda. I grabbed some glue and a small calendar from Target and a journal from Joann. The Journal has this awesome quote in the front, “A Goal is a dream with a deadline.” That will keep me in check 😉 I took some pages from my Mandala coloring book, Sudoku puzzle book, and Word-Find book. I glued them inside the journal along with the pages from the calendar. My 2016 Agenda is finished. Since the base was a journal, I have plenty of room for notes.


To 2016! May it bring you and yours the best moments full of laughter and cheers.

Do you keep an agenda? Which sections do you use most often?


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