The First Step

The first step is significant. It is the moment that turns people’s heads. It grabs people’s attention. My friends say that I am good at gathering information and sharing with them. However, I don’t remember the first time I gathered or shared information. The only thing I remember is how I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, a mentor, or a coach.


My favorite thing to do while I was a child was to pretend that I was a teacher. Although, I was doing pretty bad in school (that’s another story), I liked going home and repeating what my teachers did. I taught my stuffed animals, who were my students, how to fold origami for sure.


In my grown-up days, I find myself gravitating toward people who want to learn. It doesn’t matter whether they want to learn from me or with me. I like people who want to grow. I’m talking about people who are interested in improving their skills – whether it’s academic, work-related, or personal. I’m always looking for ways to find out how I can improve my skills by looking at how others have done so. After gathering information, I find joy in sharing knowledge with others. If I find something really insightful, I make sure that I share it. To me, good information is meant to be shared.


During my free time, I like to organize my home in Columbia, South Carolina. This gives me a peaceful place to do my crocheting, paper crafting, or any other crafts. Big ideas require a big clean slate! When I’m away from home, I like to take pictures and look at pictures. Usually this means a lot of time looking at magazines or Pinterest. In a sense, I gather information by looking at pictures and ideas then I share with the world through the pictures I take.


The first step IS significant, but it’s not the only significant step. Every step, small or large, is important because it moves me toward a direction. If the direction I am going is away from my goal, I learn the negative effects. Hopefully most the steps I take is toward my goal, and I’m learning how take those steps, small or large.

What about you, dear readers? What was your first step toward your passion? When was the first moment you decided to go toward a big goal?


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